Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mancleaver - The Sword of Lady Darkness

Mancleaver is an ancient blade, forged on a distant world by a sorceress whose broken heart and arcane powers knew no limits. Drawing its strength from the hatred and rage of its creator, Mancleaver existed for thousands of years with the single goal of slaying males of any species. Given a new purpose in the hands of its deific wielder, it has somewhat let go of its blinding fury for all things masculine... but it still prefers to wet its night-black edge on their heart's blood whenever possible.

  • +7 keen bane (male creatures) greatsword of speed.
  • Bearer gains Uncanny Dodge (cannot be flanked and always retains Dexterity bonus to Armor Class) against male creatures.
  • While drawn, Terrasunder grants the bearer darkvision and malesense, both out to 60'.
  • Terrasunder grants the following spell-like powers to its wielder:
    • greater rage, as per the Barbarian class ability (at will)
    • darkness (at will)
    • shadow evocation (at will)
    • Evard's black tentacles (3 / day)
    • greater shadow evocation (3 / day)
    • greater shadow conjuration (1 / day)
  • Mancleaver's wielder becomes immune to any targeted spell with the Light descriptor and can affect non-targeted spells with the Light descriptor on contact as per greater dispelling (CL 20th).
  • Any male creature hit by Mancleaver with a confirmed critical strike suffers the immediate effect of a harm spell (CL 20). Mancleaver's wielder cannot suppress this effect and cannot choose to not confirm critical hits rolled against male targets. Any given target can only be affected by this harm effect once in any given 24 hour period.

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